Case Studies

Capture Health have been helping people find the right medical insurance for many years. You’ll find above some examples of how we have helped. As you’ll see, whatever your situation we have the ability to fashion the perfect solution.


When a married, semi-retired couple from Morpeth received notification that their joint health insurance policy would once again be increasing in price with no change to the benefits, they decided to find out whether they were signed up to the right policy for them.

Seeking the assistance of Capture Health, the couple explained that they had assumed that a joint policy would be cheaper and provide the best cover for them both.  They had received no satisfactory explanation from the issuer about why the policy kept becoming more expensive.

Having researched the policies available to the couple, taking their individual health and life circumstances into consideration, Capture Health advised two steps.

The husband was advised to change his policy immediately to a policy that offered the same level of cover with no medical exclusions but at a lower cost.

As his wife had been receiving treatment for a medical condition, she was advised to remain with the current provider in her own name until her consultant had signed her off.  At that point, an alternative policy was found with excellent cover, no exclusions and at a significant saving in cost.

“Contrary to popular belief, it is not always cheaper to take on a joint policy for couples,” concluded Capture Health.  “In addition, joint policies can often penalise one party for the ill-health of their partner – a situation that can be avoided with a little professional advice.”


Hoping to secure adequate private medical insurance for the whole family, a husband and wife team from Sunderland had researched a number of policies to provide cover for themselves and their small children.  However, with three children already and a fourth on the way, the cost of cover for all of them precluded the option of a private policy.
So they sought the assistance of Capture Health, explained the family situation and provided the team with a budget. Capture Health researched the market and found a policy that would charge the family for both adults but only the eldest of the four children under 20 years of age.

This policy provided the best cover available for all of their children at a fraction of the price of other policies available – cover that continues for all the children until each of them reaches the age of 20.

“The price of medical insurance was at the top of this family’s priority list,” explained Capture Health.  “Signing up to this policy allowed them to benefit from a level of cover that provided them with peace of mind as well as meeting their requirements with regard to an affordable monthly budget.”