Our Private Health Insurance Services

Capture Health has one fundamental aim – to provide the best possible private medical insurance  for each individual client, at no cost to the client. In order to achieve this Capture Health offers the following range of services:

Private health insurance search:

Following an informal and non-intrusive discussion about your medical insurance requirements, Capture Health will research and identify the very best and most cost-effective medical insurance cover for your needs.

Private medical insurance review:

Capture Health will compare your current cover with that offered by other private medical insurance providers to ensure you are receiving the best and most cost-effective cover for your requirements.

Annual insurance review:

Whether your current cover is provided with the assistance of the company or not, Capture Health will carry out an annual review of your current cover against other providers and any new products or price changes in the market.

This service allows you to ensure your medical insurance remains competitive and enables you to react to any change in circumstance.

Medical insurance management:

Regardless of whether your initial cover was arranged through Capture Health, the team can provide a full, professional and efficient management service of your private medical insurance. From initial set up and renewals to changes to the policy and research into cover, Capture Health will use its expertise and knowledge of the industry to ensure you receive the best cover and service possible.